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Curious for an induction heating machine price? Buy or rent a unit from Delta Heat Services. Or use our services where we take all your worries off your hands. At Delta Heat Services we work with and offer the most professional and reliable equipment. We have a wide range of different induction equipment that you can also rent or buy. For example, if you regularly carry out projects that require annealing, preheating or shrinking material, it may be a good choice to purchase your own induction heater, or rent one at a competitive price.

Curious about the options for buying or renting an induction heating unit? Then we at Delta Heat Services would be happy to assist you. Thanks to our short delivery times and attractive prices, we can certainly help you. Feel free to contact us for more information. Or read more about our services!

Buy of rent your own

If your company regularly carries out processes in the field of rolling, welding, forming and casting, it may be wise to buy an induction heating unit. This way you can perform heat treatments wherever and whenever you want at your location. We can customize the equipment to fit your needs. Do you want the induction heating unit to have a special feature that suits your operations? We make it possible.

Want to know an induction heating unit price?

Check the Proheat 35!

Delta Heat Services is an official dealer of the Miller ProHeat™ 35 induction machine. This unit is a highly versatile machine for annealing, preheating, hydrogen lean annealing and shrink fit applications on various diameter pipes and flat plates. The ProHeat™ 35 induction power source has a built-in temperature control that can be programmed manually or temperature-related using up to four thermocouples.

With an efficiency of over 90 percent, the ProHeat™ 35 power source transfers more energy to the part, reducing operating costs across various heating methods. One ProHeat™ 35 power source has two outputs and can run one or two heating cables simultaneously.

Do you want to know an induction heating unit price? We recommend that you request a non-binding quote for the induction unit. For example, if you rent the unit for one week, there will of course be a different price than if you rent the machine for one month. The same applies to buying. If you prefer to outsource the work, please contact us. We then make an estimate of the work and base our price on that.

About Delta Heat Services

Delta Heat Services is a specialist in on-site heat treatment. Over the years we have developed new technologies and equipment that support preheating treatments for different types of projects. Besides our wide range of induction equipment, we also provide different types of services in the industrial sectors such as defense, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas industry. Are you interested in any of our services? Or do you want to know an induction heating machine price for buying or renting one? Take a look at our equipment to discover all our possibilities or contact us directly! Don’t hesitate to ask for more information. We are happy to help you!

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