To preform our high quality heat treatment services we work, sale and rent the most professional and reliable equipment. We have a wide range of electrical resistance equipment and induction equipment. With our short delivery time and compatible pricing we can always find a suitable solution for your heat treatment needs. We have the capacity to manufacture any special equipment you should require and have in depth knowledge of the heat treatment industry, so are able to produce equipment to operate in the harsh conditions encounter on site world-wide.

We are also able to supply spare parts for most of your existing heat treatment equipment, please contact us with your next enquiry, we would be delighted to quote you.

Electrical equipment

Electrical equipment for Preheat and stress relief heat treatment. The new series: THERMAL SYSTEMS. These systems are designed specifically for electrical resistance processes, such as preheating and annealing.

Induction equipment

The ProHeat 35 liquid-cooled induction heating system provides a highly versatile tool for preheating, stress relieving, hydrogen bake out, post weld heat treat and shrink fit in a variety of pipe diameters and flat plate.