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Our Activities

  • Annealing. Delta Heat Services is specialized in the preheating and stress relieving of welds. This is to the correct and desired material properties, such as hardness, to control structure and strength.
  • Induction. By the use of induction uniform heating, and only at the place where it is needed. No increased surface temperature. Heat up faster than with conventional systems, time and cost saving.
  • Rental and sale. Delta Heat Services has an extensive rental program, for pre-heating or annealing of welds.
  • Drying out. Delta Heat Services is specialized in the drying of refractory concrete and drying complete refractory firebrick lining. To this end, Delta Heat Services has several special burners and air devices.
  • Annealing Furnaces. Delta Heat Services offers a large number of ovens of various sizes, for annealing of structures and steel components.
  • Mobile ovens. 'Delta Mobile Furnace System' makes it possible to build up any desired size in a mobile annealing furnace in a very short period of time. The dimensions are actually unlimited.
  • Training & consultancy. We take care in our training/demonstration room several courses to train employees and customers to the next level with the new techniques, devices and applications.

Methods of Heat Treatment

Gas or Oil-fired furnaces

Electrical Resistance heating elements

Induction Preheat and stress relief heat treatment

Stationary Furnaces

‘Delta Mobile Furnace System’. Delta Mobile Furnace System is a modern, flexible solution that allows for construction of a mobile heat treatment furnace of any dimension in a very short time. The capacity and scale of this system are virtually unlimited.  Advantages of the ‘Delta Mobile Furnace System’ are: Time-savings in terms of building a mobile furnace. Can be installed at any location and/or place. Heat Lock’ furnaces are hermetically sealed. It can be quickly and efficiently adapted to different dimensions. Dimensions to customer specifications. Numerous, successive heat treatments. All welds and surfaces to be heat-treated are processed at once. Self-supporting panels (no scaffolds required for building the furnace). Favourable pricing. The system is transported in open-top containers to any location in the Netherlands and abroad.

ELECTRIC, Preheat and stress relief heat treatment. The new series: THERMAL SYSTEMS. These systems are designed specifically for electrical resistance processes, such as preheating and annealing. The Thermal Systems are developed by experts in on-site work with resistance heating systems. All unit components meet high safety requirements and are therefore exceptionally reliable.

INDUCTION, Preheat and stress relief heat treatment.  Uniform heating is maintained and confined to the area where it is required by using INDUCTION HEATING. There is no increase in surface temperature. Rate of heating is FASTER than in conventional systems, saving time and costs. HIGH EFFICIENCY, 90% of the energy is converted into heat. Blankets and cables are easy to assemble.

Heat treatment is a specialised process that requires experience, expertise and the right equipment. All of which our offices in Stellendam and Antwerpen can offer you. Our stationary annealing furnaces can be used for a wide variety of heat treatment applications, regardless of size or weight. Both sites are very accessible for the transport of materials and products. The products are placed in the furnaces quickly and efficiently by using overhead cranes and forklifts. Our offices have several stationary furnaces with various sizes up to maximum 12.5 meters.

Reaction of a customer

Shell Moerdijk

At Shell Moerdijk Delta Heat Services has had an extensive team of heat treatment technicians to perform various preheat, stress relief and annealing activities for heat treatments at various projects. This was very succesfull.

Why working with Delta Heat Services?

Yes, at our location in Stellendam, but also in foreign locations, we have several furnaces. Please contact us to discuss detailed questions with our heat treatment specialists.
We are in the Delta Fishing port of Stellendam and that is an industrial park where you can reach our location, even with heavy equipment.
Yes, we have several international production locations! Look at contact where all our offices are located.
No we also have mobile furnaces that can be build on location of the customer! It can be quickly and efficiently adapted to different dimensions.