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Heat treatment is being carried out in different industries. Heat treatments of metal ar applied after the metal has been exposed to all productions processes such as rolling, casting, welding and forming. The execution of those processes may cause damage to the structure and mechanical properties of the metal. Therefore, it is important to let your metal have a proper heat treatment. Delta Heat Services is expert in the field of heat treatment and has various annealing furnaces available.  

Heat treatment 

Heat treatment is the process of heating and cooling metal in order to change its forms and structure. It is mainly used to improve strength, hardness, hardness, ductility and corrosion resistance. There are different forms of heat treatment that can be used for the editing of metal.  

Electrical heat treatment

Electrical heat treatment is carried out with the assistance of electric heating elements. The heat current causes resistance in the elements, becoming hot. This provides heat to the workpiece. This method takes place during the preheating of welds as well as the local annealing of weld. Delta Heat Services makes use of heat treatment units that have maximum mobility in the field. For example, the 50kVA units are perfect for on-site and shop working. They can control six individual thermocouples in order to execute preheat or post weld heat treatment. 

Induction heating

Induction heating is perfect for the preheating activities on heavy construction works. Due to an induced current, the workpiece inserted into the induction coil will heat up to high temperatures. This method is mainly used in order to heat up heavy materials. The induction cables can be placed in round coils for pipes or in custom made shapes for construction work. If a moving item needs to be heated, Delta Heat Services offers the Rolling Inductor. This simple, cost-effective heating solution delivers a fast and consistent heat. It is controlled by a thermocouple that is specially designed for controlling and measuring the temperature when the workpiece is moving. 

Annealing furnaces

Delta Heat Services performs on-site heat treatments. Our stationary annealing furnaces can be used for a wide variety of heat treatment applications, regardless of size or weight. Therefore, we could execute a heat treatment at any location. Our annealing furnaces are oil-fired or electrically heated and they vary in sizes which go up to a maximum of 18,5 meters. View this page for an overview of the dimensions of all our annealing furnaces.

Reasons to execute treatment

When metal gets exposed to extreme heat, it causes to it to expand. Besides, it can impact the structure, electrical resistance and magnetism of the metal. It also makes the metal softer, weaker and it increases its ability to stretch. By executing heat treatment in a proper manner, all of those threats are being limited. 

Our service 

Delta Heat Services is specialist in on-site heat treatments. We have a flexible approach and offer you multiple types of services. Providing you equipment that is made of the best quality is our main goal. We execute different types of heat treatment for your metal. Also, construction projects can be undertaken by our experienced staff. We can deliver our services on-site for you. THanks to our mobile system, we can make it possible to build a gas or oil-fired annealing furnace at any location. We produce according to the highest safety standards and therefor, all of our work is done in a safe and efficient manner. 

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