Two important phases in the heat treatment process: normalizing and annealing

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Heat treatment can be divided into different processes. These are unique and ensure the desired workpiece. In this article we will tell you more about normalizing and annealing. Both processes ultimately result in a better product. You can read exactly how this works right here.

Normalizing and annealing: what do they have in common?

Both processes within metal treatment ultimately have the same starting point. This is about improving the structure and properties of the workpiece. Both are performed at elevated temperatures, so there are some differences in the specific applications and goals of each process.

So normalizing and annealing are both heat treatment processes for metal pieces. But, the difference between the two processes is the cooling method and specific targets. Normalizing focuses on reducing stresses and improving hardness and toughness, while annealing focuses on increasing the grain size and improving the formability of the metal.

The normalizing process

For normalizing the purpose is improving the mechanical properties of the metal. Think about the toughness and strength by refining the microstructure. The purpose of normalizing is heating the material to a temperature approximately equal to the curing temperature (800-920°C). By maintaining this temperature, the toughness and strength of the metal can be achieved. Besides that, it’s also possible that the metal will be more resistant to breakage and impact loads. The metal piece will also experience less internal stresses. Positive results which you can achieve with heat treatment!

When do you opt for annealing the workpiece?

The focus on the grain size of the metal piece results in a softer piece of metal. That’s what we do when we are annealing a workpiece. A softer structure also makes the workpiece more flexible. Every type of metal will be annealed at a different temperature. The temperature varies between 800ºC and 950ºC. Every type of metal must be heated to a specified temperature and kept at this specific temperature for a certain period of time. After this process, the metal will be cooled down either slowly or rapidly. This cooling process will be maintained until the metal reaches room temperature again.

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