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Have you ever heard of a heat treatment before or after welding? These treatments help improve the structural integrity of the metal, both before and after welding. When do you choose pre-weld heat treatment and when post-weld heat treatment? You’ll find out in this article.

The benefits of pre weld heat treatment

Pre-weld heat treatment and post-weld heat treatment are both thermal processes performed on metal pieces. However, they each provide a different outcome. Pre-weld heat treatment involves heating the metal before the welding process. This is done to improve the quality of the weld. By performing a pre-weld heat treatment, the metal piece becomes less susceptible to cracking before welding. It can also be applied to reduce residual stresses that may have been introduced by previous manufacturing processes, thus minimizing deformation after welding.

When do we choose for a post weld heat treatment?

The post-weld heat treatment is applied, as the name suggests, after welding. This process can normalize or even soften the microstructure of the metal piece. This is sometimes necessary when the metal piece has undergone stresses due to welding. Additionally, it improves the toughness of the weld area and helps reduce the likelihood of cracking and metal fatigue.

The ultimate goal of pre and post weld heat treatments

Although these two heat treatments differ significantly, they share a common goal. By applying one of these treatments, weld constructions can be made that are stronger and more durable. They are also less susceptible to long-term issues such as cracking and metal fatigue. It is important that both treatments are carried out correctly. If not, there may be (initial) damage to the metal piece.

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