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Are you interested in weld heat treatment? Take a look at our sharp pricing and practical information. Or request a quote directly. We are happy to help you! Do you want more information about our services and equipment first? No problem. Read on and you will discover the possibilities of heat treatment with Delta Heat Services.

How does weld heat treatment work?

Weld heat treatment – also known as post weld heat treatment – is done after the welding process to improve the properties of the weld. Depending on the material and usage of the workpiece, we work with different heat treatment procedures according to client standards.

During the welding process a high temperature is experienced in the weld and parents metals. Once the weld cools, a residual stress is formed. After the weld heat treatment process is complete, a specific procedure will be performed to reduce these stresses to an acceptable level. This also helps to reduce any increased hardness levels and improves toughness and ductility to an acceptable level.

Flexible approach and high quality services

Delta Heat Services is a specialist in heat treatments services on site. With our flexible approach and high quality services we can manage major turnarounds and new build projects in the industry, large constructions and maritime. As a qualified and experienced specialist in heat treatment, Delta Heat Heat Services offers a broad range of services. Our advanced knowledge and technology, allow Delta Heat Services to provide versatile solutions for every heat treatment enquiry. We are specialised in preheat, annealing, weld heat treatment (PWHT), bake outs, dry outs and shrink fittings.

Need equipment?

At Delta Heat Services, it’s possible to both purchase and rent heat treatment equipment. Choose between electrical equipment and induction equipment.

Open 24 hours a day for support

Delta Heat Services has a strong focus on optimum support and puts the customer first. Therefore, we’re open 24 hours a day for support, advice and services to support your projects. Delta Heat Services operates under the most current quality standards and certifications.

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Do you have any questions or would you like to request a quote without obligation? Please contact us.