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Delta Heat Services specializes in heat treatment, including PWHT. PWHT is short for post weld heat treatment. The name already gives away a bit when this heat treatment is applied, namely after welding. This treatment is being executed very regularly. The treatment exists out of a controlled process that reheats the object till a certain temperature. This temperature lies just below the critical transformation temperature. The temperature is being retained for a certain amount of time, depending on the material and its thickness. 

Benefits of using PWHT

PWHT is being executed after welding. This is done in order to ensure that the material will retain its strength. It causes a decrease in the tensions of the material. This is done by preheating the material and thereafter cooling down the object in a controlled, slow manner. It will prevent cracks, due to hydrogen, from existing by heating the object immediately after welding instead of letting it cool down first. Also, PWHT ensures that the hardening process of the material is being carried out in a controlled way. In short, it ensures that the material remains safe and firm for usage. 

Your project is in safe hands

When PWHT is being executed in the wrong way, this might lead to catastrophic consequences. Tensions in the material may cause cracks and other damages may cause failures and fractures on the object. Objects might fall down, collapse or tumble over without any warning. 

At Delta Heat Services we are specialized in various heat treatments, including PWHT. That material will tear, break or cause other unpleasant consequences: that will not happen with our treatments. In addition to specialist knowledge, we have many years of practical experience in the professional field. So you can leave your project to us without any worries.

Factors to consider

Whether an object should undergo PWHT and how long this treatment should take, depends on a few factors. It is important to consider the material the object is made of. Also, it is important to take into account any previous treatments. Finally, the alloy of the object should be checked in order to determine whether PWHT is possible. 

Delta Heat Services is happy to assist you. Contact us directly or request a free quote. Then we discuss the possibilities together.

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Delta Heat Services is expert in the field of heat treatments. We offer a broad range of services. Our knowledge and technologies provide you the solution in heat treatment you are looking for. We can execute your projects on site or at one of our locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Romania and the Caribbean. 

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