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You’ve most likely ended up here because you’re looking for a heat treatment. A heat treatment that ensures your piece of metal regains its original strength after welding. After welding, the microstructure of the metal needs to be restored because it will change in a negative way. To achieve these heat treatments, specific equipment is required. Induction equipment or equipment that matches on the other methods. On this we tell you more about the induction heating equipment. Read on to learn more about our capabilities.

Induction heating equipment for various projects

Our induction heating equipment is designed for various projects. The essence is mainly based on strengthening the microstructure of metal. This can be achieved through induction as well as electric preheating. This depends on the metal piece, and we will provide advice. Ultimately, it is possible to purchase or rent our induction heating equipment. The industries in which induction heating equipment is commonly used include power plants, refineries, the petrochemical industry, but also assembly companies, construction companies, maritime/shipyards, and offshore. We also work on a project basis.

Induction heat treating equipment

Our induction heat treating equipment is a heating system of the brand ProHeat™ 35. It’s an induction heating machine that is connected with liquid-cooled induction heating cables. Once the choice goes to the electric heating equipment, we use a different system. This concerns our temperature control and measurement system that is connected to a power source and cables. So, we work with two different systems, each with a different purpose. The choice for induction heat treating equipment is the best when precision and control over the heating area and rate are crucial. It’s ideal for applications where only a specific part of the steel needs to be heated rapidly while keeping the rest of the material at a lower temperature.



How do we use our induction heating equipment?

Ultimately, the goal of our induction heating equipment is to improve the microstructure of the metal piece after welding. The approach varies. We have different heat treatments for this, including normalizing, stress relief, post-weld and pre-weld heat treatments. Ultimately, the difference lies mainly in the temperature and the rate of cooling and heating. You can rely on our expertise in this area.

Specialist in induction heating equipment

Are you looking for induction heating equipment? Then you have come to the right place at Delta Heat Services. We are a worldwide expert in heat treatments and work in various industries, such as industry, construction and maritime. And because we like to share our knowledge, expertise and specialism, we also give you the opportunity to buy or rent our equipment.

Since 1997 Delta Heat Services has been operating as an expert and experienced specialist in the field of heat treatments with a wide range of products and services. Thanks to high-quality knowledge and technology, in combination with a flexible and customer-oriented approach, we are able to offer versatile solutions. Are you curious about the possibilities of Delta Heat Services? Please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions and look at the possibilities together.

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