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Temperature control equipment is our most important material. That’s because it is an essential part, also named ‘the source’ of our heat treatment processes. Without the equipment, we can’t do our main business. You can set up different temperature programs. On this page you will read more about this system.

Temperature control system

The main business of Delta Heat Services is (pre)heating metal pieces. To establish the perfect temperature, we depend on our temperature control system. The temperature control system contains various features. It contains well proven automatic temperature programmer units to realize the required temperature.

The system also contains a heater, circuit layout, temperature recording instrumentation and the specification and attachment of the thermocouple. And last but not least: the correct interlinking compensating. It’s necessary to have equipment that’s convenient, robust and portable. That’s also what we strive for.

Temperature programs on the system

We have two programs on the system. It’s the P256 or the P167 6-channel. The difference between the two programs is that the P256 has more sophisticated options. The unit also has an automatic hold feature that persists the permitted temperature. With the P167 6-channel you can preset three primary segments of the Post Weld Heat Treatment process. The temperature control system itself is connected to the heat treatment transformer unit. That system is connected to the metal piece and provides the (pre)heating.

Post Weld Heat Treatment

As we already mentioned, we use temperature control equipment for the Post Weld Heat Treatment (also known as PWHT). This treatment is a controlled process in which an object is being reheated to a temperature below its lower critical transformation temperature. This will be held at this specific temperature for a certain amount of time. As the end result the object has to be welded. You know it’s a good result when the material will retain its strength. Different advantages of PWHT are: it prevents cracking and the material strength will enhance.

Delta Heat Services

Delta Heat Services was founded in 1997 and established their headquarters in Stellendam, The Netherlands. Delta Heat Services is a service aimed company. We are the worldwide specialist in thermal systems, like preheat, annealing, post weld treatment, bake outs, dry outs and shrink fittings. Due to a high level of knowledge, years of experience and technology Delta Heat Services delivered numerous high profile projects worldwide. As a qualified and experienced specialist in heat treatment, we can offer you a broad range of services. We can offer you our thermal systems: to buy or just rent.

Read more about our specializations. We also work on a project basis. Do you have a question about our services or do you want to request a quote? Please contact us and we’re happy to help you. We’re open 24 hours a day for support and advice for your projects. Delta Heat Services operates under the most current quality standards and certifications.

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