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Our equipment is based on two devices: our industrial induction heater and our electrical heater. These systems ensure that workpieces will be preheated. But when do you use induction heating? And when is electrical heating the best possibility? In this article you will read more about these two methods.

Induction heating vs. electrical heating

The choice between induction heating and electrical preheating of metal pieces depends on several factors. The reason why people often choose this method is because induction heating works way faster than electrical heating. It can achieve fast heat-up rates and provide localized heating precisely where it’s needed. So is quick heating and high energy efficiency essential for your workpiece? Then our industrial induction heater is the best choice for you.

Another benefit of our industrial induction heater is that the workpiece can be selective heated. It can heat specific areas or parts of material affecting the surrounding regions. But please remember: it’s still important to check the requirements of the workpiece. Sometimes electrical heating methods are still preferred in certain situations. Such as when heating non-conductive materials or when lower temperatures are required.

Our induction heating equipment: Miller ProHeat 35

Our brand of the industrial induction heater is the Miller ProHeat 35. We offer the liquid-cooled induction system. The system heats applications to 788 degrees Celsius. Most of the time we use it for preheating. But, the induction heating systems can also be used for annealing, hydrogen removal, heat post-treatment and shrink fits applied to different diameter pipes and flat plates. In other words the ProHeat 35 Induction system is a big computer that controls the temperatures, and the other associated components provide the whole heat supply.

Specialist in industrial induction heating

We are a service aimed company, specialized in Industrial and Electrical Heat Treatment. Due to a high level of knowledge, years of experience and technology Delta Heat Services delivered numerous high profile projects worldwide. It’s possible to buy or rent our different types of heating systems.

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