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Delta Heat Services specializes in performing heat treatments. A heat treatment is especially functional after metal processing such as welding, but also after casting, pre- or post-processing of metal, or as a repair treatment. Ultimately, it ensures that the mechanical properties improve, which is always an advantage. In this text, we will delve deeper into heat treatment after welding. Read on to discover more.

Reasons to choose for a heat treatment after welding


As already mentioned, heat treatment after welding, also known as PWHT, is very useful if the mechanical properties of the metal are damaged. Sometimes you may not be sure if this is the case. A heat treatment after welding will, in any case, improve the mechanical structure. This includes several subcategories. A heat treatment after welding ensures:

  • Increased flexibility of the metal, making it more resistant to cracks or fractures
  • Reduction of stresses in the metal
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Improved mechanical properties

How does a heat treatment after welding exactly work?


When a metal piece is welded, a high temperature is reached. As it cools down, residual stress often develops, which can be extreme. When a heat treatment after welding is applied, the stress level can be reduced back to a normal level. Ultimately, other problems related to changes in the mechanical structure can also arise during welding. Therefore, a heat treatment after welding always works well and serves as the finishing touch to the entire process. Did you know that a pre-weld heat treatment can also be performed? This also helps to prevent stresses and fractures.

Possibilities for heat treatment after welding


Would you like to have your metal piece treated with a heat treatment after welding? You can do so with us. At Delta Heat Services, it is possible to either purchase or rent equipment for heat treatments. You can choose between electrical equipment and induction equipment. Are you opting for a heat treatment after welding or another type of heat treatment? Check out our electrical equipment or induction equipment for more information.

Delta Heat Services is ready for you


Would you like to know more about the possibilities of heat treatment after welding? Then we would be happy to assist you. The possibilities are endless and we would love to help you find a tailor-made solution. Let us know the material or object and the location where the heat treatment can be performed and we will realize this for you as soon as possible. Request a free quote for more information!

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