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Delta Heat Services is specialized in the implementation of thermal heating systems. We use the different systems to preheat the material during the welding process. But you can also choose for post weld heat treatment: this is applied after the welding process. In both ways the welding and heat affected zones are improved. The thermal heating systems can be applied in different industries. Thanks to our flexible approach and high quality service we can, among other things, carry out large turnaround, maintenance and new construction projects. Are you curious if we can be of service to you with our thermal heating systems? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities. 

What are thermal heating systems?

Our thermal treatment systems are specially designed for the electrical resistance process, such as preheating and heat treatment after welding. The set-up of the equipment is the result of our many years of experience in heat treatment. The 50 kVA units are made for ease of use and maximum mobility on site. With 1 unit we can control 6 individual thermocouples for preheating or after welding heat treatment.

The different types of heating systems

At Delta Heat Service we work with three types of heating, namely electric heat treatment, induction heating and annealing furnaces. The three ways of heat treatment all promote the strength of the material and the course of the process. With electric heat treatment we work with special heating elements. The high quality mobile 50kVA units can control up to six individual thermocouples. 

Induction heating is mainly used to heat heavy materials. The induction cables can easily be adjusted to the size and shape of the object. Even when it concerns a moving object this is not a problem. There is also the possibility to choose an annealing furnace. The furnaces can be used for many different projects. The annealing furnaces are available in many sizes and can be used at your location as well as in our workplace. 

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Delta Heat Services specializes in offering different heating systems. We have a flexible approach which allows us to be at your service at all times. Whether it concerns large or small workpieces. We gladly accept the challenge. Would you like to know more about the possibilities or the working method of Delta Heat Services? Feel free to contact us. Our experienced employees are ready to answer all your questions or give you appropriate advice.

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