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At Delta Heat Services we work together with various companies to carry out great projects, including the project where we developed a special set-up for heating train rails. The rails are heated for the purpose of coating the rails. This coating provides extra protection against corrosion and contributes to a longer lifespan of the rails. By means of a 35KW induction unit the induction cable is fed and heats the rails which gradually moves through the mold. By the correct placement of the induction cable, the rails will be heated evenly.

We control and monitor the temperature with a type K thermocouple, which is specially made for moving objects. The travell-detect wheel provides additional safety when the automated line comes to a standstill. Our setup is integrated in a fully automated coating line of 320 meters. Other parts of this line consist of blasting, coating and quality control of the treated rails.

We are very proud that we were able to carry out this project successfully. Would you also like to realize a project in cooperation with us? Feel free to ask for the possibilities!

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