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Have you ever heard of an induction heating coil? This component is found in many heating systems, including the induction heating system by Delta Heat Services. However, it comes in a different configuration. At Delta Heat Services, you can purchase or rent various types of heating systems. We specialize in two areas: electrical equipment and induction equipment. In this article, we will provide more information about our induction heating system, specifically designed for electrically conductive structures. This process is primarily used for preheating metal pieces. Explore more about our specialization right here.

Induction heating coil: an important part of induction heating

A heating coil is a very common component found in heating systems, electric stoves, and other processes requiring heat. Specifically, it refers to a heating spiral. When electric current flows through the coil, the resistance of the metal converts into heat. This ultimately results in the heating of the respective system.

In Delta Heat Services’ induction heating system, the heating cables actually serve as a replacement for the induction heating coil. The heating cables are responsible for heat transfer. The silicone hose encloses a special copper conductor designed to carry high-frequency current for maximum efficiency. The hose also carries the coolant, which cools the conducting wire. The hose is reinforced for strength and durability. Therefore, the “induction heating coil” in this system performs both heating and cooling functions. It is highly functional!

How long has induction heating been around?

Induction heating systems have been in existence for quite some time. It was first introduced in 1930. However, significant progress has been made in its development and application over the years. Particularly in the past decades, it has become increasingly prevalent in various applications, including metalworking. That is exactly what Delta Heat Services specializes in.

We work with the Millers ProHeat 35 induction system. It is an induction heating power source with a built-in temperature controller. You can use this temperature controller for manual operation or temperature-based programming, utilizing up to four control thermocouples. Each ProHeat 35 power source has two outputs and can accommodate one or two heating cables simultaneously.

Delta Heat Services offers a liquid-cooled induction system. The heating cables come in lengths of 9.1, 15.2, 24.2, or 42.7 meters. This induction heating system can heat applications up to 788 degrees Celsius. The system is primarily used for preheating, but it can also be employed for annealing, hydrogen removal, heat post-treatment, and shrink fits on pipes and flat plates of various diameters.

Delta Heat Services

Delta Heat Services was founded in 1997 and established their headquarters in Stellendam, The Netherlands. Delta Heat Services is a service aimed company, specialized in Industrial Heat Treatment. Due to a high level of knowledge, years of experience and technology Delta Heat Services delivered numerous high profile projects worldwide. It’s possible to buy or rent our induction equipment. We also have electrical heat treatment, this type of heating is also used for preheating and for post weld heat treatment. Read more about our induction equipment, heat treatments and our other specializations.

We also work on a project basis. One example is the preheat of the train rails. The purpose of this project was coating the rails, which protects against corrosion and contributes to a longer lifespan of the rails. Do you have a question about our services or do you want to request a quote? Please contact us and we’re happy to help you!

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