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Delta Heat Services is a specialist in heat treatment services on site. With our flexible approach and high quality services we can manage major turnarounds and new build projects in the industry, large constructions works and maritime. We are specialized in preheat, annealing, post weld heat treatment (PWHT), bake outs, dry outs and shrink fittings.

Heat treatment services

We have a variety of heat treatment services at Delta Heat Services. Preheat is done to raise the temperature of the parent steel before and during the welding process. This is done to slow down the cooling rate of the weld and the base material to avoid expanding and shrinking of the heat affected zone. This will result in a better weld metal and the heat affected zone microstructures.

Post weld heat treatment (PWHT) is done after the welding process to improve the properties of the weld. Depending on the material and usage of the workpiece, we work with different heat treatment procedures according to client standards. During the welding process a high temperature is experienced in the weld and parent metals. Once the weld cools, a residual stress is formed. After the PWHT process is complete, a specific procedure will be performed to reduce these stresses to an acceptable level. This also helps to reduce any increased hardness levels and improves toughness and ductility to an acceptable level.

Electrical heat treatment

The systems of our heat treatment services are designed especially for the electrical resistance process, like preheating and post weld heat treatment. The set-up of the equipment is a result of our years of experience in the heat treatment field. The 50 kVA units are made for easy use and maximum mobility on-site. With 1 unit we can control 6 individual thermocouples for preheat or post weld heat treatment. All components of all our units meet high safety requirements and are therefore exceptionally reliable.

Induction heating

Delta Heat Services is an official dealer of the Proheat™-35 induction unit and all its belonging accessories. We have a wide fleet of induction units to provide our heat treatment services on-site. The induction units are mainly used for preheating activities on heavy construction works. Because of the quick set-up and heating time, it’s a very efficient way of heating up heavy constructions. The induction cables can be placed in round coils for pipes or in special made shapes for construction work. The liquid cooled heating cables give the welder an ideal working environment. The heating cables stay cool and don’t give any radiation heat.

Experience, expertise and the right equipment

Our heat treatment services are a specialized process that require experience, expertise and the right equipment. All of which our offices can offer you. Our stationary annealing furnaces can be used for a wide variety of heat treatment applications, regardless of size or weight. Our sites are very accessible for the transport of materials and products. The products are placed in our furnaces quickly and efficiently by using overhead cranes and forklifts. We have electrical and oil fired furnaces available in all our facilities across Europe. Our furnaces vary in sizes which go up to a maximum of 18.5 meters.

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