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Do you want to change the structure of cast iron? Then, a heat treatment is an appropriate treatment for cast iron due to its strength and rigidity. At Delta Heat Services, you can choose between electric or induction treatments. You have the flexibility to rent or purchase our equipment. Explore more about various (cast iron) treatments in this article.

The characteristics of cast iron

Cast iron is renowned for its strength and rigidity. The material is commonly used for end products such as kitchenware and stoves. In the past, it was often utilized in the construction of bridges and structures, thanks to its robust properties. But why kitchenware and stoves? This is because of its ability to retain heat for extended periods. This is a crucial attribute for these two products. Additionally, cast iron has a low melting point and is highly malleable. Need cast iron in a different form? In that case, we definitely recommend heat treatment.

Methods of heat treatment of cast iron

There are two methods in the field of heat treatment of cast iron. You can choose between electrical heat treatment or induction heat treatment. At Delta Heat Services, you can seek advice on the different treatments. One commonality is that both methods are used for preheating or annealing processes. The key characteristics of the two treatments are as follows:

  • Electrical heat treatment: This treatment is highly suitable for precise preheating and/or annealing processes. The equipment used is the Thermal Systems, developed by our experts in heat treatments.
  • Induction heat treatment: This treatment is often chosen for thicker wall thicknesses and larger workpieces. The metal piece is heated faster through magnetic fields. The system we use is the Miller ProHeat 35.

It depends on the type of metal piece you have in hand. If you have a larger piece with, for example, a round shape, the rolling inductor can do its job. With every equipment provided by Delta Heat Services, the temperature can be well monitored.

Delta Heat Services

Delta Heat Services was founded in 1997 and established their headquarters in Stellendam, The Netherlands. Delta Heat Services is a service aimed company, specialized in heat treatments. Due to a high level of knowledge, years of experience and technology Delta Heat Services delivered numerous high profile projects worldwide. It’s possible to buy or rent our electrical of induction equipment.

We also work on a project basis. One example is the preheat of the train rails. The purpose of this project was coating the rails, which protects against corrosion and contributes to a longer lifespan of the rails. Do you have a question about our services or do you want to request a quote? Please contact us and we’re happy to help you!

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