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Are you working on a project where you will be rolling, welding, forming or casting metal? Then it is important to apply heat treatment. This treatment ensures that the metal has the acquired properties. For example, you can make it stronger, more malleable or more wear-resistant. One form of heat treatment can be done with electrical resistance heaters. Electric heating elements heat the metal. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we have developed the best and most user-friendly equipment. You can contact us for any project, large or small.

The process of heat treatment

The heat treatment is done when metals are rolled, welded, assembled or cast. When metal is processed, the structure and properties of the material also change. Thanks to heat treatment, this can be (partially) reversed. During the heat treatment, the metal is heated without reaching a melting stadium. After the heat treatment, the material is cooled down in a controlled environment in order to achieve the best structure. For example, metal can be made stronger, more malleable or more wear-resistant in this way.

Heat treatment is the perfect solution when, for example, pipes need to be made strong enough for the daily transport of a large volume or when you want to make a welded seam extra strong. Our professionals are happy to advise you on the best heat treatment for your project.

Electrical heat treatment

Several types of heat treatments exist. Consider, for example, a treatment with induction heating or stationary ovens. Another possibility is heat treatment with electrical resistance heaters. We are happy to tell you more about that. Treatment with electrical resistance heaters involves electrical heating elements heating the metal. The heat from the resistance heaters ensures that the elements in the metal are heated to the ideal temperature.

Our electrical resistance heaters

The electrical resistance heaters are specially designed for preheating and annealing work. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we have been able to perfect our equipment. Our electrical resistance heaters are user-friendly and mobile. This ensures that we can reach the most difficult places in the field. For example, our 50kVA unit is very suitable for electrical heat treatment. This unit can control as many as 6 individual thermocouples to heat the metal.

About Delta Heat Services

Delta Heat services is the specialist in the field of heat treatment with electrical resistors. We also offer various services and equipment. Various methods of heat treatment can be carried out with us. Both large and small projects are welcome. We always think along with you to find a solution that fits your project. You can count on the best service and highest quality.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information about heat treatment with electrical resistance heaters? Feel free to contact us for advice without obligation. Do you know exactly what you want? Request a quote immediately.

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