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Coke drum welding is a specialized technique within the oil and gas industry aimed at enhancing the functionality of coke drums. This treatment is often applied not only when the coke drums are damaged but also to purely improve their structure. Coke drums are exposed to extremely high temperatures, making their reliability and durability of utmost importance. Discover more about coke drums and the heat treatment process of coke drum welding in this article.

Coke drums: what is it exactly?

Coke drums are large pressure vessels used in the processing of crude oil into various end products such as gasoline and diesel. These drums are made of specially alloyed steel that can withstand high temperatures and pressure. During the process, the heaviest fractions of crude oil are converted into lighter, marketable products.

When is coke drum welding an important thing?

Due to the extreme temperatures and pressure to which coke drums are subjected, they can develop cracks or other structural damages. The heat treatment known as coke drum welding is applied to repair damage or improve the structure of the coke drums. This process is mainly used during maintenance periods or after identifying issues during inspections.

How does the coke drum welding process work?

Coke drums are made of specially alloyed steel, which is resistant to extreme conditions. Performing the heat treatment coke drum welding is indeed a challenge. The coke drum welding process begins with a thorough inspection. The heat treatment for coke drum welding can be referred to as Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT), as it is always applied after welding.

Safety and environmental regulations

Coke drum welding is a heat treatment that involves extensive inspections and tests to ensure it is performed correctly. Safety is a crucial element, especially since it is used in the refining process. If the coke drums are not in good condition, serious safety risks such as leaks or explosions can occur. The welds and overall quality of the coke drums must be guaranteed before they can be put back into service.

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