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Delta Heat Services is specialist in on-site heat treatments. Via our flexible approach and high quality service, we can execute different kind of project in the petrochemical industry. Next to that, we carry out big construction projects. All of our equipment meets high safety requirements and are very reliable.

Electrical heat treatment

Our resistance equipment is especially developed for preheating and annealing activities. With the help of our growing experiences throughout the years, we have been able to develop equipment that is constructed in a mobile manner. Therefor, it is very user friendly and can be applied in every kind of work sites. The 50 kVA units are able to control six individual thermocouples. The unit is designed in a robust manner and can provide power to electrical heaters at 60 and 30 volts.

Induction heating

The induction equipment is being used for preheating activities that involve large objects with thick wall thicknesses. Induction heating has an efficient way of heating and it can heat in a shorter period of time. Therefore it also very suitable for the shrink fittings. The water cooled cables stay cool during the heating process of the metal. The induction is ideal to tuse on clogged pipes and pumps beceause of the fast heating curve. This makes it very convenient to work with.

Stationary annealing furnaces

Delta Heat Services has stationary furnaces on all of their locations. The furnaces are heated electrically or are fired by oil. The way we make use of the oven will depend on the dimensions and weight of the object. Do you have a large workpiece that needs to get in the furnace? Our locations are easily accessible for trucks and other heavy machinery. All of our workshops are equipped with cranes that can lift big and heavy projects. Right now, our largest furnace is 18.5m long with a 10 ton loading crane. Next to that, we developed the Delta Mobile Furnace System. This system makes it possible to construct a mobile heat treatment furnace for a limited amount of time.

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