A heating cable is defined as an induction cable that is used for induction heating. The outer cable consists of a silicone rubber hose. The inner cable is made of copper. Due to the high conductivity, the cable is cooled from the inside with coolant to prevent overheating. Delta Heat Services is happy to explain exactly how a heating cable works, what the benefits are of using it and when it is better to use a different solution. Knowing more? Read on, discover the possibilities or request a quote without obligation.

How a heating cable works

A coil is placed around a workpiece with, among other things, a heating cable. The workpiece is then the core of the coil. The principle of induction heating is based on generating a magnetic field by means of an alternating voltage. This field generates eddy currents in an electrically conductive material. Due to the resistance encountered by the eddy currents, heat is generated in the material, such as the workpiece.

Benefits of a heating cable

Induction heating has the great advantage that it is less labor-intensive than the application of resistance elements. For example, for pipes with large diameters or workpieces with large surfaces, we spend less time installing induction cables than installing resistance mats. In general, heating cables are used for preheating during welding processes. In addition, applications in shrink fitting of shafts, bearings, turbine blades, on power stations, ships and petrochemicals are also possible.

When we prefer a different solution

Induction heating for annealing is not used at Delta Heat Services, because the temperature cannot be properly controlled when taking measurements in the circumference of a pipe. In such applications we prefer to use resistive elements. The temperature is then more controllable, because smaller zones are used that can be controlled separately. So, we prefer heating for annealing with resistance elements than with induction heating.

Did you know that heating cables can be found in the induction units of the Proheat 35 kW? The cables are part of the unit and can be supplied in different sizes. We are also available for any repair of cables.

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