Training and Consultancy

Basic training/training for technicians and administrative staff.

Continued training/courses technicians, project coordinators and project managers,

to train them to a higher level with the new techniques, equipment and applications.

Specific courses/training on the use of temporary furnaces with using MVC units, airducts, oil and/or gas-fired burners.

Here we focus on the applicability, drawing, connecting, operating or control,
the troubleshooting and maintenance of applying heat.

Theoretical and practical tests and examinations of our employees to clarification of an assessment and their performance.

All this for the promotion of work according to procedures and guidelines within their own organization.

For new customers we provide customer-focused demonstrations, inductance and resistance and accompanying practice work pieces.

In preparation of various projects we are doing testing and research or theoretical established procedures are practicable.

New equipment testing and this report with a possible return link to the supplier.

For customers who have purchased our equipment or go online, we provide training how
to deal with it, operate, malfunctions, maintenance and what the applications are.

We provide lectures on new and existing norms and standards concerning the heat treatment process.